Thursday, May 19, 2016

Youth Enforcing International Institutions to Close Doors in Gaza on Nakba Anniversary

A group of Palestinian youth in Gaza succeeded in closing the doors of a number of international organizations operating in the strip as an anger expression on the 68th anniversary of the Nakba. The protesting youth hanged a paper saying "Closed By Youth's Order" on the doors of the targeted institutions including United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This is a step taken by the protesters to show their objection on the avoidance of the United Nations to hold their responsibilities towards the conditions of the Palestinian refugees.

Fadi Yousef, one of the protestors, stated: "We are following this symbolic step of closing the UN office as an attempt to show our condemnation of the frequent attacks made by the Israeli Army forces and the settlers against our people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank".

Fadi has called upon the UN to hold its moral and legal responsibilities towards the Palestinian people. He also indicated that the closure of the doors of these organizations will be only for one day to put pressure on the UN to have a clear position in the mid of the frequent Israeli atrocities. Another guy said that the goal of the protest is to emphasize on the right of return for the Palestinian refugees and to show objection on compromising any of the legal rights of the Palestinian people.  

شبان غاضبون يغلقون مؤسسات دولية في غزة | شبكة رعد الإخبارية

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