Sunday, May 15, 2016

Long Electricity Daily Cutoff Periods Increasing the Suffering of Gaza People

Since the start of the economic siege on Gaza in 2007, people have started suffering from long periods of electricity cutoffs that sometimes hit the level of more than 12 hours per day. Besides the consequent shut down of many active businesses, absence of electricity has caused lots of people to feel bored and disappointed all the time during the day especially when they are being deprived of any other entertainment activities in their daily life. Several cases have been reported of unemployed people setting themselves on fire because of the bad conditions of having no jobs, no entertainment, and no electricity. As a result of the continuous cutoff of electricity, many businessmen directed their interests in running solar energy generation projects. However, the cost of installing a solar energy system to produce sufficient electricity for a house in Gaza may reach about 3000 USD which is an unaffordable amount for more than 80% of the Gaza population. Therefore, some people have no option other than using generators or candles to at least produce sufficient lightning in their homes at night times. However, people coming from vulnerable backgrounds who cannot afford buying a generator use candles for this purpose. The use of candles have unfortunately caused the full burning of several houses in Gaza which resulted in the death of more than 10 children so far!

The major cause of the Gaza electricity problem is the continuous absence of the natural gas needed for the proper operation of the Electricity Generating company. Israel which is responsible for providing Gaza being under its occupation with all its necessary needs does not allow for the passage of sufficient amounts of natural gas needed for electricity generation. The Israeli officials use this to put more pressure on the people of Gaza to set a revolution against the ruling government of Hamas in Gaza.

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