Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hot Weather In absence of Electricity Have Increased Suffering of Gaza People

 The Gaza Strip is being affected by the extremely hot weather that has been hitting the country since the begining of the current week. This is happening at the same time of no sufficient electricity being available in the houses of the Gazan people after the breakdown of one of the electricity transmission lines coming from Egypt.

The hot weather is caused by the seasonal Indian on the Sham countries including Palestine. According to the weather monitoring authorities, the weather will keep being in hot status and the temperature is expected to be higher than its annual averages by 5-7 Celsius degrees.

Such a wave further increased the suffering of the Gaza people especially those having no electricity at homes for more than 12 continuous hours a day. The people living in the city of Rafah have been affected the most and their suffering has been increased due to the shut off of the Egyptian Electricity lines which they depend on since 3 years. Mr. Abu Al Ez, a citizen living in the Tal Al Sultan area in Rafah, says "The cutting off of electricity for long hours has increased our suffering to the extent that we have become unable to stay in our houses because of the hot weather". "We go out and return to our houses finding no electricity. This is an unbearable situation and makes us extremely frustrated. There must be a solution for this problem and the suffering we have been living in for more than 10 years" He added while returning back to home from work.

The story of Mr. Abu Al Ez is not that different from the story of the old man Subi who sat on a wood chair in front of his house which is built of metal slices. Mr. Subhi says while putting on his head a piece of textile dryed with water "I escaped from the house because of the high temperature and the cut off of electicity for long hours".   

The Egyptian Electricity lines feeding the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza strip were shut down yesterday evening as a result of technical failure in the central electricity station in Areesh. The egyptian company has been providing Rafah with 28 Mega Watt of electricity since several years. This has helped in alleviating the electricity problem which Gaza has been suffering from since 2006.

تزامناً مع موجة الحر .. انقطاع الكهرباء زاد معاناة سُكان غزة


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