Friday, May 20, 2016

Gaza Student Awarded a Visit to NASA

This story is about a Gazan secondary school student Khaled Shehada who has an ambition of getting a Nobel Prize in Medicine through the use of technology to reduce the suffering of the patients in Gaza Strip. Such an ambition of Fadi did not come from nothing. It was initiated from a hard situation that made him more resilient and persistent to reach the tip of the science pyramid.

Shehada has recently achieved the first position in Gaza Strip and the tenth in Palestine in a scientific competition that was organized by Al Nayzak Organization for Supporting Education and Scientific Innovation. The competition was held in the frame of a Robotic Design project which involved the participation of a large group of state schools across the country. As a result of the successful achievement shown by Shehada during the competition, he was selected to receive the award of making a scientific visit to NASA and Maryland University. The visit is going to include participating in training workshops in Physics and Engineering fields that aim to develop the capacities of the participating students in their practical and scientific endeavors. 

The competition which Shehada was part of is held in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education in the frame of the Palestinian Youth Science and Technology Program. This program aims to develop and nurture the innovative ideas of school students of 9-11 grades in different disciplines of engineering, technology, and applied sciences. The winners of the competition are then selected to join a delegation for participating in special activities related to Space, Science, and Engineering within specialized scientific institutes in the United States.  The competition is supported by the General American Consulate in Jerusalem in partnership with the Excellence and Innovation Council.

طالب من غزة يفوز بجائزة رحلة لوكالة ناسا

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