Saturday, May 14, 2016

Unemployment Rate Among Gaza Graduates Hitting 40%!

 Graduates in Gaza Strip are encountering a highly difficult situation in their job search upon completion of their studies. According to the recent statistics of the Ministry of National Economy, the unemploymate rate among the graduates in Gaza has become more than 40%. Moreover, the labor market has become incapable of employing new graduates due to the weakness of national production. More than 80% of the local factories operating in various fields have been shut due to the high competition of the products being imported from overseas markets.

Dr. Mohamed Salibi, who graduated with a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from a Turkish University three years ago, did not find a job opportunity in one of the Gaza universities. The 29 year old Doctor who is currently working as a Taxi driver says "I got my PhD with distinction from a leading university in Turkey. However, I could not find a job neither in a university nor in a governmental institution". He adds "I have applied to all jobs related to my field of study and presented all the certificates of my academic and industrial experience with my applications. I have even applied for jobs that require people with only bachelor and diploma degrees until I have decided to start looking for jobs through Graduate Employment Programs". During the period of his studies, Dr. Mohamed always wished to return back to Gaza in order to apply the skills and knowledge he gained for the benefit of Gaza. He unfortunately found a situation that constituted a major barrier in front of achieving his ambition.

The story of Dr. Salibi is not that different from the story of the 29- year old graduate Awad Ahmed who also got a PhD Degree in the same field from a strong university in Malaysia. Upon completion of his studies which lasted for three years, he thought of returning to work as a telecommunication engineer in Gaza but was astonished by the difficult situation of the graduates in the city. Dr. Awad stated that he started writing petitions to the leading Palestinian figures and officials but nothing has been given to him except promises for being considered in future times. He also stated that all of the ambitions and plans he has held for several years have now been destroyed.

دكتوراة في هندسة الإتصالات ويعمل سائقاً : شبح البطالة يُخيم على حملة شهادات"الدراسات العليا" في غزة

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